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La chorera, 25 m de la calle principal, playas del Coco

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Our PADI Courses

You want to discover a new environment, improve your knowledge and dive skill. Summer-Salt dive center offer some dive training from beginner to professional level in a secure and familial environment.

Us team of qualified instructors speak English, French and Spanish, they will be more than happy to give you all the time, the advises and tips you need to improve your skill… because they love them job and the ocean !!
We do all us training in small group and take all the time you need to get your certification in good condition and become a good diver concerned about the marine life !!

You want to discover a new world and new sensations

What is Discover Scuba Diving ?

discover scuba diving at playas del coco
frog fish at playas del coco
nudibranche au costa rica

A Discover is your first step underwater !! You will discover some new emotions, a beautiful world and some species you never seen before !! Have you ever dreamed to breathe underwater and feel flying. You will do  your first bubbles underwater accompanied by an instructor concerned about your safety and comfort. Not worry about anything our instructors are there for you, you have just to enjoy the beauties of the underwater world.


What is the Open Water Diver course?

padi course
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platax au costa rica

The Open water is your first step like a certificate diver and let you go diving around the world up to 18m. You want to discover a new world, make some bubbles and continuous to explore the ocean so this course is for you !!

Your dive life start here so we took it really seriously and we will give you all the good reflex and knowledge you need to be a respectful and good diver !! 
You gone have a lot of fun exploring the underwater world of the Papagayo Gulf with us !!
Are you ready ?

You want to improve your level and open to you new opportunities
diving with white-tipped reef shark costa rica
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To Evolve

What is the Advanced Open Water Diver course?

plonger au costa rica
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juvenil angel fish costa rica

The Advance let you discover some different diving specialties to explore more and have more fun underwater !! You will gain experience, confidence and develop your skills to become a better diver. 
You will have 5 specialties dives to complete including one deep and one orientation, followed by 3 of your choice. During all the training you will improve your skill and discover some other diving techniques who make diving more and more fun !!
You can become an Advance Open Water diver directly following your Open Water course. You will have more knowlegde and be able to go diving around the world up to 30 m...
You open the doors to new sensations and meet new species!! Let star now?!


What is the Emergency First Response course ?

cours de premiers secours costa rica
frog fish costa rica
murène joyau costa rica

EFR is based on first aid and CPR that are important to know in diving as well as life in general. Everybody can do this training, isn't just for divers !! During the course, you will follow a theoretical part and learn various techniques and finally good a lot of fun practicing several scenarios to improve the gesture that save.
You will practice primary and secondary care with your instructor and become a first responder able to respond in case of emergency.


What is the Rescue Diver course ?

padi rescue diver course
frog fish costa rica
white tipped reef shark with summer-salt dive center

This training will teach you the skills and technical to help other divers during an emergency at the surface as well as depth. You will be able to detect signs of stress to prevent and act on a panicked, unconscious or no responsive diver.
As well as organize the search for a lost diver and react to an accident.
This training is very rewarding and certainly the one you will more remember ?! It’s a big step in you diver life you will become a Rescue Diver Responder.
So are you ready to take up this challenge!!


What is the Specialty course ?

diving costa rica
frog fish playas del coco
bullshack costa rica

You want to know more, you want to live some new adventures and be specialize in some different types of dives or simply gain experience while having fun. Specialty course are for you. 
Each specialties courses consists of theoretical sessions as well as dives in the natural environment supervised by a certified instructor to evolve in the field, you have choose.
So much opportunity that open to you in order to develop your knowledge and become an experienced diver, concerned about the environment. 
So when did you start !! 

oceanic mantaray costa rica
You want to share your passion and become a professional
requin bouledogue costa rica
crevette arlequin costa rica

What is Divemaster training ?

cours de plongée costa rica
frog fish
raie manta oceanique costa rica

This is the first professional level if you are considering a career in the diving industris but it’s also a very interesting training who give you more diving aptitude. You will be a better diver, a model and a diving guide !!
You will develop your coaching skills, assist instructors, improve your skills at a professional level and deepen your knowledge of the diving theory. It’s a great opportunity to learn with real students and lead groups of divers safely.
The duration of this course is variable but we recommend a minimum of two month full time to acquire a comfortable experience for your future Divemaster life!!

You stayed out of the water for a long time and want to refresh your knowledge

What is Refresh or Reactivate ?

diving course costa rica
frog fish with summer-salt dive center
tortue imbriquée costa rica

You have not been diving for a long time ... you want to upgrate before to go back in the water? By following a refresh, we invite you to review your diving techniques to make you feel comfortable and safe in the water.
You will follow a session in a protected environment and make 2 dives in the Pacific ocean around Playas del coco for discover the beauty of this area !!

If you didn’t dive during a few years, you can also follow a Reactivate training who include a theoretical part, a pool sessions and 2 dives with your instructor. You will receive a new certification card symbol of you upgrade and your involvement in the diving community.
Contact us for more information.

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