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La chorera, 25 m de la calle principal, playas del Coco

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Emergency First Response

During the EFR you will learn the first aid gesture and the CPR who are very important to know for help during a diving medical emergency as well as everyday.

The EFR -or any recognized certification less than 2 years old - is a mandatory training if you want to pass your Rescue Diver or Divemaster.

After this training your will be a rescuer useful at your community and got a rewarding certification valid almost everywhere in the world.

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What are the prerequisites?

No prerequisites, anyone can become a rescuer and learn the life-saving actions.

Technical information about this course

a day
Total duration
6 hours
No limits

The times indicated are approximate, we adapt ourself to each student

What I'll going to do ?
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You won’t go diving...😢 you will do this training at the dive shop but you can do a package with the Rescue Diver Course, you will get wet and grows...ready to respond at all medical emergency in the ocean !!

You will learn the steps and techniques to manage a medical emergency involving vital signs, following a theoretical training about first aid and CPR.

You will practice 8 different techniques corresponding at various situations and the CPR.
Finally, you will manage some secondary care when the victim has no committed vital signs and learn to dispense the care who reassure, soften the pain and reduce the risk of more serious injuries: but also to assess an injury, an illness and make a bandage, a splint.
You will practice through  workshops and scenarios to gain some confidence and reflex, it’s gone be a lot of fun !!

What is included in this course?

No surprise !!

  • The EFR course book.

  • Direct support from an instructor during the entire course.

  • The material and the victim necessary for learning !!

  • EFR certification card.


You dive, hike, life in the back country, work with some kits or small community...and wish to give some help to each other in case of emergency ?
Contact us, we will follow you step by step in your training !!

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165 $

Summer-Salt prices already include certification fees, educational material and all taxes ...

No surprises

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