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La chorera, 25 m de la calle principal, playas del Coco

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Local Dives

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Every day we organize 2 or 3 tanks excursions around the islands and rocky outcrops which are all a maximum of 10-20 minutes by boat from Playa del Coco on the north Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

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Les sites de plongées locales

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There are over 20 local dive sites including the most popular such as Punta Argentina, Tortuga, Virador and Monkey Head. Fabulous and varied dives in a spectacular environment! The diving conditions are perfect all year round! With an average visibility of 15 to 75 feet, no one can complain about this nutrient-rich water which attracts an exceptionally varied underwater life, you will hardly see elsewhere ...
Here you will find all the ingredients necessary for an abundant underwater life, you will not be disappointed. For those who love the seahorse macro, nudibranchs, clown shrimp and many others are waiting for you. But you can also observe all kinds of rays, white tip sharks, turtles and why not have the chance to meet a manta ray ... or a whale shark !! Everything is possible in the Pacific that's why we love making you discover this beautiful place !!
When nature allows it, we are lucky to be able to observe whales and dolphins playing on the surface during the surface interval !! Diving in Playas del Coco is an adventure orchestrated by the beauty and abundance of underwater life that resides there !! Only you are missing to enjoy  
it !!

Technical information about the diving excursion

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4 hours
15 m- 60ft
2 dives
time underwater
28°C - 83°F
T° Average 
30 m - 98ft
18°C - 65°F
T ° thermocline
All levels
All year
What to expect ?
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Our daily excursions are around 3 local islands, along the coast and around various other rocky outcrops which are all a maximum of 10-20 minutes by boat.

Fabulous, varied diving in a spectacular surrounding! The diving conditions are great year-round! With an average visibility of 15 to 75ft nobody can complain, as the nutrition-rich waters attract all the fabulous and varied marine life, you’ll hardly see anywhere else…

The water temperature has a year-round average of 80 F/ 26 C with peaks as high as 85 F/ 30 C in June to August and as low as 65 F/ 20 C during the months of December through to March. But don’t worry, the cool waters are only found below the thermocline (separation line of cold and warm water, situated between 45ft/15m and 100ft/30m), where you will dip in just occasionally for a nice refreshing sensation! Most of the dives are held just above the thermocline where most fish are hovering to go feed in the cool deepwater swells…

What is included in this excursion?

• A bilingual diving guide.
• Snacks, fruit, water and soft drinks
• Fun and comfort in small groups.
• A picturesque trip around Coco Bay and the Gulf of Papagayo.
• Complete diving equipment (3mm full wet suit + regulator and emergency regulator + a depth gauge  and  air pressure gauges + a belt with weights + 12 L or 80  cu/ft  aluminum tanks with int. connections)


Ready to make bubble with us?

125 $
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Summer-Salt prices already include all diving equipment and all taxes ...

No surprise, exept underwater

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