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La chorera, 25 m de la calle principal, playas del Coco

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This is the first professional level if you are considering a career in the diving industry but it’s also a very interesting training who give you more diving aptitude. You will be a better diver, a model and a diving guide !!

Whether you want to work in the dive industry or not, the Divemaster training is very rewarding from a human and technical point of view.It will allow you to share your passion while having a leadership role and to enrich your diving knowledge and techniques.

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What are the prerequisites?

You have to be Advance Open water and Rescue Diver certificate.
At leas 40 log dives at the beginning of the formation and 60 log dives at the end.
Minimum 18 years old.
You need to have followed the EFR training or a recognized equivalent training within the last 24 months or doing this during the course.
Also to be in good health and provide a medical certificate signed by a doctor less than 12 months old, specifying your aptitude for diving.

Technical information about this training

1 to 3 months
Total duration
You will learn
Time Underwater
Pool time
40 m - 130 ft
18 and more
All year

The times indicated are approximate, we adapt ourself to each student

What I'll going to do ?
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Our training dives are done during our daily local dives trips, along the coast and to various other rocky outcrops which are all a maximum of 10-20 minutes by boat. But as a dive master training you will have the possibility to dive in the Catalinas and Murcielagos Islands depending on the period

You will deepen your knowledge of diving theory and perfect your techniques on a professional level. You will be put in situation with real students and learn to assist a group of divers safely.
By working closely with an instructor, you will perfect your diving techniques and improve your rescue techniques, in order to easily anticipate and solve common problems. You will develop your knowledge and your management and supervision skills in diving in order to become a model.
You will be surrounded by our entire team and will be able to exchange, learn and grow in a family and dynamic environment, advancing at your own pace.

The duration of this course is variable but we recommend a minimum of two full-time month minimum in order to acquire a comfortable experience for your future divemaster life !! We also offer internship course which requires more time. But you will have a complete training and experiment what is the real »job » of a Divemaster !!

What is included in this training?

Almost everything, but we tell you so no surprise !!

  • Complete diving equipment for immersions in swimming pools and in the ocean.

  • The Divemaster Crewpack .

  • Supervision of instructors and divemasters throughout the duration of the course.

  • Pool sessions.

  • Dives as part of your training, cold drinks and snacks on the boat.

  • Obtaining your Divemaster certification card and registering on the Padi site.

  • Excludes Padi registration fees


Ready to share your passion?

We will establish a quote based on your availability and your choice

between internship or continuous training

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