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La chorera, 25 m de la calle principal, playas del Coco

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Rescue Diver

It’s your first step to the leadership and a diving training necessary to be a responsible diver.
This training will teach you the skills and technical to help other divers during an emergency at the surface as well as depth. You will be able to detect signs of stress to prevent and act on a panicked, unconscious or no responsive diver.

As well as organize the search for a lost diver and react to an accident.
This courtyard is very rewarding and certainly the one you will remember most, it’s a big step in your dive life !!
You will become a rescue diver able to organize and manage any emergency and rescue situation. So are you ready !!

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What are the prerequisites?

You need to have your Advance Open Water Diver or Adventure Dive certification with the orientation specialty dive, no dives numbers restriction.
You need to have followed the EFR training or a recognized equivalent training within the last 24 months or doing this at the same time as the Rescue Diver course.
Also to be in good health so you will have to fill a Medical statement form, we can send it to you for prepare better your visit.
You can star the course at 12 years old and you will be certificated as a Junior Rescue Diver until your 15 years old.

Technical information about this course

3 to 4 Days
Total duration
5 hours
4 dives
Time Underwater
3 hours
Pool time
30 m - 100 ft
12 and more
All year

The times indicated are approximate, we adapt ourself to each student

What I'll going to do ?
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Our dives for this training are done during our local dives trips, along the coast and at various other rocky outcrops at maximum of 10-20 minutes by boat.

You will learn all the knowledge and information you need for better understand and manage an emergency in the water. You have the choice to do it at home with the E-Learning who give you the opportunity to advance at your speed and have all your material in digital. Or you can have the Rescue Diver book at the Summer-Salt Dive Center and follow the theory part with us at the dive shop. In any cases, ours instructors will be there to follow you, respond at you questions  and explain you all the important point.
You will realize an emergency plan about a dive site you know.
You will practice 10 rescue exercises during a pool session to learn to recognize and act in front of any problems.

Finally, you will practice this exercises in the open ocean and participate at some rescue scenario and workshop during 4 dives to practice your technique. Be car full, everything can happen !!

Throughout the training the following points will be covered:

  • Recognize and manage stress on other divers

  • Emergency management and equipment

  • Rescue of panicked divers - Rescue of unconscious divers

  • Search for a missing diver

What is included in this course?

No surprise !!

  • Complete diving equipment for diving in swimming pools and in the ocean.

  • The Rescue Diver course digital book or the e-learning.

  • Direct supervision of an instructor throughout the duration of the course.

  • 4 sea dives made from the boat, cold drinks and snacks

  • Obtaining your Rescue Diver certification card and registering on the Padi site.

  • And of course a (false) victims !!


Prêt à faire des bulles avec nous ? 

Rescue Diver

EFR + Rescue Diver

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550 $
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650 $

Summer-Salt prices already include all diving equipment, certification fees, pool sessions, dives, educational material (digital book or e-learning) and all taxes ...

No surprise, exept underwater

Do your theory online from home, or at the dive center with one of our instructors
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